21 December 2012


AT-10-TION plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,

to all ASB unitholders, korang dpt dividen 7.75 sen & bonus 1.15 sen tahun nih (sukenyeee die). Bertambah2 rezeki korang ye, Alhamdullillahhhh... Suke, suke jugak, zakat jgn lupe bayar ye, zakat kan menyucikan harta:)

Moh kite flashback dividen & bonus ASB for de last 11 years:-

2001 : dividen 7.00 sen, bonus 3.00 sen TOTAL 10.00
2002 : dividen 7.00 sen, bonus 2.00 sen TOTAL   9.00
2003 : dividen 7.25 sen, bonus 2.00 sen TOTAL   9.25
2004 : dividen 7.25 sen, bonus 2.00 sen TOTAL   9.25
2005 : dividen 7.25 sen, bonus 1.75 sen TOTAL   9.00
2006 : dividen 7.30 sen, bonus 1.25 sen TOTAL   8.55
2007 : dividen 7.80 sen, bonus 1.00 sen TOTAL   8.80
2008 : dividen 7.00 sen, bonus 1.75 sen TOTAL   8.75
2009 : dividen 7.30 sen, bonus 1.25 sen TOTAL   8.55
2010 : dividen 7.50 sen, bonus 1.25 sen TOTAL   8.75
2011 : dividen 7.65 sen, bonus 1.15 sen TOTAL   8.80

Tu diaaaa (buat bunyik mcm org Penang), tahun 2001 PNB bg 10.00 sen tuuuuu.. Waaa, jelesnye.

moh kite shopping beli brg buat kek, yehaaaa!!!


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